Monday, January 27, 2014

marketing and the painter

small pastel 9x15, concept for next oil

This week I was fortunate to attend a marketing workshop by Ann Bevans. As a group I would say most painters dislike the idea of marketing. We just want to paint. Selling should just happen. (Right?)
I am not saying I will be changing my ways, but this workshop did pose excellent questions.
Here are a few of Ann's questions to the group.
Define your idea/ concept. What is it? 
Why are you passionate about it? 
What is the potential  and likely impact of your idea? 
What is the value of the impact?  
Next we had to define our audience. Who chooses your work? 
Good things to think about and I will leave you to think. Feel free to share your thoughts via comment. I will post more about this later in the week.

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