Sunday, March 2, 2014

feedburner collapse

18x36 oil

My feedburner collapsed and thanks to my good friend Domi we are back in business. You probably wondered why you hadn't received a post from me in over a month, right? I was still writing once or twice a week. Well after receiving an email from Pat H about my disappearance, I  was alerted about the problem. (Thanks PAT!) Solving it was another thing and that was Domi's department. Apparently my code, that works with my feedburner, had grown like a fertilized kudzu plant and was over 500 tags. (I may not be explaining this correctly.) Domi fixed that and hopefully all of my subscribers are receiving this email. (THANK YOU DOMI!)
Meanwhile I have been busy in the studio. I am finishing and framing.  I finally finished the painting in this post.
And last, here is  photo of some of the chaos in the studio. I can barely walk through due to all the paintings staring at me. All are crying out to be finished. Yipes. More about framing in another post. The show opens April 8, with the reception on April 11th.

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Felicity Deverell said...

Lovely to see inside your studio! I think your paintings are amazing. They seem to shimmer and glow and have a kind of depth like Monet's later paintings. Thank you for sharing.