Friday, March 14, 2014

nightfall and Rothko

bottom of painting

oil, 16x5.75
Mark Rothko once said,"Often, towards nightfall, there's a feeling in the air of mystery, threat, frustration-all of these at once. I would like my paintings to have the qualities of such moments."
After reading that quote I felt strongly about the colors changes I needed for this one. (Sorry about the glare on the bottom one. it is still too wet. I will replace the photo when it is drier.)


Kami said...

Dear Loriann, this is really beautiful! And those colors...I didn't know until know that my prefered colors - turquois,teal blue and purple are colors of such a beatiful nightfalls... more often,I should look out of my window during these periods of the day...

Najma Velshi said...

It's beautiful! I was in Houston past winter and truly enjoyed Rothko at the chapel.

loriann signori said...

Hi Kami, It is a beautiful, albeit brief time of day. I actually think the winter nightfalls are best. Thank you!

Hi Najma,
Lucky you! It really is an emotional experience. I have never seen the paintings in Houston, but in DC we have a Rothko room. Ahhhhhhhhh.