Tuesday, April 8, 2014


pastel, 10x9
This morning Coba came out on location with me for some plein air filming. The lake was beautiful with a thin mist and slight bud burst of pinks and reds. You can see the wetness of the paper. I tried to use that wetness to help the development of the painting.This is one that can easily feed a large oil- in the studio.
I will post Coba's video of me working within the week.
In the meantime- check out my facebook page- Hopefully this link will lead you to my artist page, instead of my time line.
Hope to see you at my opening-Friday, April 11.


rroseman said...

loriann, I was looking at a blog and it reminded me of your work. "Lines and Colors" is the blog and the last post is on artist Christopher Copeland. Thought you might be interested once you are done with show prep! I wish I could come sat to see your demo but I will be on the way to florida to see my folks.Good luck on the show

loriann signori said...

Hi Rose,
I just checked out Christopher Copeland....he has beautiful work. Thank you for making a comparison favorably to my work!