Monday, July 14, 2014

plein air stroller

Last year I met up with my friend Mike McMullin in Washington state. He was sporting a new plein air painting machine, the Cadillac of transports. The magician that he is, Mike took a used baby jogging stroller and turned it into an easel and transport system on the go. Check it out!

He added:

1. a BestBrella #196AB-Z

2. A clamping device for a spotting scope -for attaching the painting box

3. painting box- your choice

4. another clamp- holds the bar that is used to attach the spotting scope

5. cloth bag with rocks if needed for counter balance

This system will transport your pastel or oil box, umbrella, extra easel, camp chair, water, food, and supplies, best of all you can push it with one hand.

Mike's work is beautiful. Here are a couple he created when he was in Washington.
pastel painting by Mike McMullin

pastel painting by Mike McMullin
My friend Christine(right) made her version and we used when we were painting on Whidbey Island. Nice.

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