Thursday, September 11, 2014

chincotegue plein air-underpainting

This is the underpainting of the marshes I see off my deck here in Chinocteague. I am here painting at my favorite place in the world for the Chincoteague Plein Air Festival. I love this event as it is so relaxed, with no competition. I booked myself into my favorite hotel with my favorite view. I intend to just paint from my balcony the whole time and yes that is allowed!!!! How fun!
I decided to post this watercolor underpainting. It's large for my plein air size-21"x21". I like the underpainting and it makes me reticent to dive in and add more. I did it late yesterday so I am letting it rest and allowing me to think before moving forward. "Incrementally" will be the key.
Tomorrow I will post a series of my 6"x6" sky studies.


Leah said...

How sensible that you can just paint from your balcony if you want! Wish I was with you.

loriann signori said...

No really the soul of plein air, but it is outside painting. When I stay here with Paul I always want to just hole up on the balcony and paint. You will be glad to know I did go to the park and paint twice. :-)

Kami said...

J'aime comme cela! I like it itself, not as underpainting:o)