Thursday, September 18, 2014

James McNeill Whistler and the Case for Beauty

nocturne, James McNeill Whistler
 Whistler was drawn to the hazy views of the Thames that he would walk through daily and could see from his balcony.
"They are lovely, those fogs, and I am their painter."

A fellow blogger, Sam (of SamArtDog blog) alerted me to the fabulous Whistler documentary on PBS. You, of course, may watch it online. Please do, before it comes down off their site. Here's the link.


Teri said...

Thank you for this link to the PBS Whistler doc. It was great to learn what a rebel he was. Loved it.

Sarah said...

Unfortunately not available in the UK! Oh well, I shall look around to see if I can find it elsewhere. Thanks for the heads up.

katybee said...

Thank you Loriann for noting this program, which I hadn't known about. I enjoyed it immensely.

loriann signori said...

I am delighted to share this little morsel. While we know a lot about Whistler's art I had no idea as to the extent of his idiosyncradic ways. I LOVED the white lock of hair with the red ribbon!
Sarah, I am sure it will come to the UK soon, either the BBC or Netflix, or hulu.