Monday, October 27, 2014

Sedona Plein Air Festival recap

12 x12 pastel
The past week at Sedona was absolutely amazing! I was on a roll with fields and trees. Rather than move around to different places in the Sedona area I find that I do better when I nest. I need to form a relationship with the area I paint. That is why I travel to the same areas (the exact same fields)  to paint each year. I don't try to paint the place, rather the poetry of the place. I never get bored of my locations, I simply know it better, like a lover or a best friend. In Sedona I found my place out by Cottonwood. For three years, I have traveled to these fields. Yes, the red rocks are gorgeous, but they are not me.
At the Sedona Plein Air Festival there were many events and receptions. On Thursday night, at the Alcantara Vinyards, I was shocked and honored to learn, that this painting (titled "Out Standing in my Field") won the Guerrilla Paint Out Prize. Yay! Thank you Carl Judson for noticing my work!
One of the treasures of being part of on of these festival/competitions is the people.
First, I had an amazing host- Dana. Each night, when I returned from painting, we would drink tea and chat. Nice. I have many new artist friends as well. Often we painters work in isolation (I always do), so these times are precious. Thank you to all my new friends!
Next post I will tell you some of the new things I learned.
Toodles for now!


Donna T said...

Congratulations Loriann! You are outstanding in your field and it's a beautiful painting!!

loriann signori said...

Thanks so much Donna!!!!!