Sunday, November 2, 2014

Copse of trees

In Sedona my host and I were talking about the word "copse" which means a small group of trees. That word tumbled around in my head that sleepless night. It generated an image, this image. I only had to go paint it....which I did the next day. It's large for a pastel done on site-  12x24 (for me). The hardest part was that it was an oblong and I really prefer squares. The frame was ready but I procrastinated using that piece of paper till the last possible moment.
The sick part was, I purposely chose to put the main focal point right in the middle. That choice challenged my ability to make fluid movement throughout the piece.
To frame it I floated it n a piece of black board, which you see a sliver of on the right side.
A friend of mine emailed me to say her friend posted this photo on FB Tuesday. She asked...Is that you? And is. Taken by a drive by photographer.

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