Thursday, March 26, 2015

strategy for naming paintings

moving towards the light, pastel

Naming paintings is something artists either dread or love.  I have chosen to embrace it, but that's easy for me because I have a strategy. I will share it with you.

Oftentimes a painting speaks her name while I am working. Sometimes not. In that case I rely on "the notebook." I keep a tiny spiral bound notebook with me almost always. If I don't have the notebook I write ideas on scraps of paper and pocket them. Since I live in an urban area the time spent waiting at traffic lights often can be my most productive mind-wander moment. Therefore the notebook is always in the car. In addition I am an avid reader. Just absorbing writer and poet's delicious words can inspire new titles. Life experiences inspire titles. For example, many of the paintings for my next show, were painted during the time of my Daddio's process of leaving us. Two of the paintings I did in California describe the process- time to say goodbye (below) and moving towards the light. (above) I didn't even have to think about those names they presented themselves. When I paint tree groups they remind me of people and thus we have names like- silver divas (below). When the painting has meaning it will tell you.

Naming painting is a personal thing. How do you feel about it?

BTW Mark your calendars- If you are in the area, be sure to come to my next solo show, a quiet suspension of time- paintings by Loriann Signori. The opening is on Friday April 10, 6-9. But you are also invited to my pre-opening party for a sneak peak on Saturday April 4, 4-7pm. The show is at Gallery B in Bethesda MD. I will be there April 1-25 working at my easel (12-6) Come and visit sometime. I would love to meet my blogger friends!

time to say goodbye, pastel

silver divas, pastel


Donna T said...

Your titles always seem to fit your paintings; both are so poetic and expressive. I have always held back on using titles that seem personal because I felt that others may not be able to relate but I am re-thinking that. If only one person "gets it" that's ok with me. Your show is going to be awesome, Loriann!

loriann signori said...

Hi Donna,
It's true, when I name like that it is personal...but since I paint emotion I think it's ok. Many times the title has secured the titled rather than the other way around. One woman bought a very large painting because she needed the feeling the title said.
I guess it's up for the jury..but to me The titles are part of the piece. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.