Wednesday, April 15, 2015

the frame is part of the whole

oil on linen
We work so hard on our paintings. We torture ourselves to do the best we can, not wanting to accept second best..... but why do we not spend the time and money to choose the perfect frame for it?

Money can be a big issue when we consider framing, but it's money well spent. A frame can either make or break your presentation. For this show I spent what I consider an amazing amount of money on frames. I chose my special paintings to get the full diva treatment. Rather than use a simple floater frame for these, I made the frame match the specialness of the painting. It required over an hour to work with my framer to just figure out just one frame. And it really made a difference. They paintings I spent the most money and time looked best and sold easily.

The painting you see above is one my favorites from this show. I worked with my framer to get it just right. The dark frame next to the painting seemed to suffocate it. I tried everything including floating it to leave the edges present. Then I found another thin violet grey frame and saw that was the ticket! My wonderful framer built it inside the black green frame. It was not a frame I could have imaged, but it worked.

Think about it....what do you want your babies wearing when they go out?
pastel in recessed mat with gold frame


Caroline Simmill said...

Hello Loriann, I think you are right about having a good frame on a beautiful painting. If funds are low and you can't afford this then I have always had to choose my very best works only and frame those in expensive frames and not show all of my paintings that are maybe not the best! I think the frames you have shown here are really lovely and do your very beautiful paintings justice. It is not an easy job though as one of my beach scenes has a frame that was chosen for it yet I am not so sure about it as the colours of the frame are very close to the colours in the painting! I hope you are keeping well and busy painting! best wishes Caroline in Scotland!

SamArtDog said...

This is so luminous, Loriann!
I too love my framer and trust him like a partner in crime. Like yours, he once suggested a thin interior frame (orange in my case), almost like a mat. Worked wonders.

eden said...

Beautiful frame in the top one! Love that color.