Wednesday, September 23, 2015

paintings need time to be nurtured

36x36 oil on linen
This week I have holed up in the studio. Having fall allergies and a wicked sinus infect drove me there, but I must say I have been really enjoying my time. I am nearing the end on this painting which I began in April.
As you probably know my paintings are concepts rather than places. I actually find that starting a painting, putting it away for a while, then simply returning to my response of the painting is my best way to operate. Since paintings are relationships they need time and nurturing to grow.  This is "a recurrent dream of light."

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Caroline Simmill said...

Very beautiful painting Loriann, lovely glow from the sky that creates warmth. The size of the canvas is good too so that the finished painting will make a good impact resulting in the viewer feeling very peaceful. Well done!