Wednesday, October 28, 2015

unusual metamorphosis

8x8 pastel
Just returned from Sedona and the Plein Air Festival. It's always quite beautiful there. But this year, due to the rain and clouds, I especially resonated to the fields of cooler colors.

 I do love these events due to the people. Whether it is the artists, the organizers, the host families, or the town people, it's these people that make it all worth it. I enjoying returning year after year to the same event. It takes time to have places that I can't wait to see and paint. These are places where I have a relationship and a love for the space.

This particular painting had an usual metamorphosis. The watercolor underpainting was done and the pastels placed on top, but I couldn't get it to work. Finally the paper would take no more pastel. I didn't want to give up. In my bag I found a small jar of clear gesso. I took the risk of just painting some on in all the areas I wanted to rework. At first it looked horrendous- dark and splotchy. (I should have taken a photo of that step!) Then gradually I built it up to say what I wanted. It was a risk, but as I tell myself, "it's not precious till it is beautiful. What have you got to lose?"


Donna T said...

It's hard to believe this gorgeous piece ever went through an ugly stage! Your work just gets more and more expressive, Loriann, and I appreciate your blog posts so much!

loriann signori said...

Thanks Donna! That ugly stage was wicked ugly!!!

Cathyann Burgess said...

love your thoughts on process. I had a similar experience and sticking with it through the ugly worked out for me too.
we make lemonade out of lemons sometimes!

loriann signori said...

Glad it worked for you! You have absolutely nothing to lose when you stick it out. L