Wednesday, November 25, 2015

on fire and RED

8x8 pastel
Do you ever feel that your muse has left you for greener pastures? That is how I felt for the last month. Ick. Why does she do this to me????? It makes you feel a little down and not like working, right?
 But I know better by now. When that little rascal moves off and that feeling comes over me  I make myself work harder. This feeling means I am in a rut so I encourage experimentation.  This time I took out many of my unsatisfactory plein air pieces and went at them with abandon. I completely deconstructed so that I could reconstruct again. I brought each one back to a complete abstract and rebuilt. This one was my break through. Now, I can't wait to see where I go next! My muse is back!
Has this ever happened to you??????

In the meantime mark your calendars for my upcoming events:
1. RED, a holiday show, collector's preview, Waverly Street Gallery, Bethesda MD, Sunday, December 6, 4-6 .
I will have at least 15 paintings in this group show.

2. RED- reception for all, Friday December 11, 6-9 Same place as above.

3. Online sale- Sometime in the first two weeks of December I will post an online sale on my facebook page. I will post it here as well and link you to my page. (even if you aren't on facebook you can see). I will be selling between 10-20 small pastels (unframed) at a great price. These are paintings that won't go into my next two shows simply because they don't match the theme. I will ship them off to you right away.

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