Wednesday, November 18, 2015

When all else fails rely on......

When the scene you see is not all you wish it to be you can always rely on your friends. Color friends that is. Orange and magenta are my close friends and while Orange is readily available in the landscape in autumn, although magenta never truly is. Magenta is the friend I like to play with most. She is eager and flexible. She is never predictable, but that is part of her joy. Here, in the painting above, is my friend Magenta is the headliner. Friday I will post one where Orange is the star and Magenta is the co-star.

pssssst....Just wanted to let you know I will be having an online only sale of a number of my unframed pastels. The sale will appear on or before the 8th of December. Everything will be priced to go (you frames, no gallery) and ready to ship to your home. Stay tuned!

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