Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Walking and creativity.

Each day when I am in the studio I walk. It makes me more productive. I have always felt a slight bit guilty about this "waste of time" but now I have found research that backs up what I have always believed. Walking ignites the brain. It helps you think and be more creative.

Below is an excerpt from the article with a link to the whole piece. I think it was post on November 27th.
PS The pastel above was a memory piece that took many walks to complete.

Walking makes you more creative

If you’ve ever gone on a walk, it can be a surreal experience in terms of how your mind starts to think. The creativity just starts to flow, for one reason or another. In fact, a recent study done at Stanford has proved this theory out. They discovered that walking can boost your creative output by about 60%, not only in the moment, but even a few hours after.
Furthermore, nearly 81% of individuals felt more creative when they were walking. So next time you’re in need of some creative insights, get those legs moving.
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