Thursday, March 24, 2016

From plein air study to large oil

Moonset, oil on wood, 36x36
 Plein air and memory studies are exquisite food for thought. They spark ideas. Copying the study rarely, if ever, makes a satisfying large painting. A painting needs its own concept, it's own brand new life. So I share two photos. One is an 8x8" plein air study (below) done at the Sedona plein air festival in October. The Mesa where the small airport sits was a perfect place for me to paint each morning. Quiet. With rabbits skittering every which way and coyotes howling. Planes do not depart till later in the morning so no one is there except the occasional security guard who became used to my presence.
The large painting that found its way from that piece is above. This one titled Moonset started with the Arizona piece but continued with my fascination of the full moon setting at sunrise. Similar, yet different in feel, both share the blue and the trees, but the larger one is full of atmospheric subtlest. I hope you can see them. 
I am preparing for my next show Intimate Landscapes that opens the first week of April. More about that later.
Arizona Blues pastel,8x8

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