Tuesday, July 26, 2016

study the possibilities

There really is nothing that can replace being there, just studying the possibilities.
Exploring and experimenting. It makes me understand so that when I am in the studio I don't need a reference photo to tell me what to do.
I have been traveling to new and old paint spots this summer. No matter how far I go I always look for the same thing. Fields. Not a cultivated field, but one left to sit with long grass. When on my way to Asheville I saw many. In Shepherdstown  I found a new favorite- old apple trees and long grass.  Last week, in Prince Edward Island I was blown away by the flower fields and I can't wait to go back. That could be a full summer destination. On Friday I am off to my old favorite, Washington State. There is a field there I have loved for over ten years.  I see my fields in my dreams. I mix and match attributes of each to make a painting work.
Nothing can replace being there.

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