Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sedona Plein Air 2016

I am fortunate to be invited to return to this marvelous event. I just love the lacey trees, soft grasses and wildlife. The people are really nice too. You can check out our schedule at
Yesterday morning was magical. I walked down to Oak Creek and had a wonderful show. Three otters were frollicking in the creek. Like kittens they were tugging each other and running in all directions. They took time to roll in the sand and then dive back in. Cool. 

I did this painting later.


Double "D" said...

I really love this one B. The movement of the tree, colors etc are beautiful.

loriann signori said...

Thanks PB! Sorry for the late reply I just found your comment now. Paint on!

Gwendy said...

Hi Loriann,
I'm loving your work! An artist-friend mentioned your name in her class, that's how I heard of you. That was Nancy Bush who is also a fabulous artist and teacher.
I am an artist too. I started out a pretty traditional plein air painter. Now I am experimenting with much softer edges, glazes and interesting color combinations and a " less is more" orientation.
Anyway, I have a question.
I see you do plein air events. I also see that your plein air work seems to be very different from most plein air paintings. For one thing, you seem to depart from painting only what you see- as you do with your studio work. Your color seems to be quite a departure from what it actually was.
I am in a plein air event this August and I'm wondering how much liberty can I take departing from realism and still be considered plein air. Can you share your thoughts about this issue please?
Thank you very much,
Wendy Lacska
Hudson WI

loriann signori said...

Excellent question Wendy.... and maybe I am not the one to ask.
Yes, my work "sticks out" at a plein air event. It is simply being authentic to who I am. Some folks at plein air events may consider our work abstract (and yes, I have heard that...) But then what is abstract??? To me it is simply where you stop. Abstract painters and "realistic" painters both construct and deconstruct when painting. A realist always stops at construct and an abstract at deconstruct... I think mine is somewhere in-between. Just what is necessary. So be who you are and don't worry about the rest. You will sleep well and know you are being real.
Best wishes with your painting and your upcoming plein air event. Paint on!

Gwendy said...

Thank you for this "freeing" response. I would love to see more of the paintings you have done for plein air events if you ever post them. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. They helped!