Friday, November 18, 2016

new business cards and tips

Hi everyone!

Business cards...often times we have a pile of them in our purse, car or back pocket. But have you realized that your business card is your one of your strongest marketing tools? So now let's think...dowe your business card represent you in the way you want it to?
I did some research and I am happy timeshare. Here are some tips about what to consider when making a business card.
1. Make a card that people want to keep and look at...spend the money to make it beautiful.
2. Add your best contact information on the back- simply, on white(or light) - website, phone number, social media.
3. Make the card simple. Leave some room for your collector to write on the card (think name of painting, price, etc.)
4. Use only one image on front and if you want another on back. I chose a plain back with just contact info. 
5.Make it memorable. I chose a square because I normally work square. They are different than everyone else's cards.
6. Use strong paper. You want your collector to keep it and not have it fall apart in his/her wallet.

These were printed at MOO. I love MOO!!!! If you would like me to send you a discount coupon just email me.


Rebecca said...

Brilliant to see these and read you pointers!

Teresa Brunson said...

Thank you for the tips! Very helpful. Your business cards are fabulous and eye-catching. Absolutely beautiful brilliant colors!

loriann signori said...

Thank you Teresa and Rebecca! I hope the tips work for you.

Liz Steinglass said...


Ann said...

I think they are beautiful, Loriann. I thought I saw you blog about this before and I did try to email you for the coupon, but I'm looking at your blog now and do not know where the email address is. I am subscribed by email and Moo has been recommended to me by others, so I am very interested.

loriann signori said...

Thanks Liz!

Thank you too Ann. It's unwise to put an email into a comment so I will direct you to my website. You can contact me through email there. Then I will give your name to MOO and they will give you the code. Sorry for the rather obtuse way to go about this. You will LOVE MOO cards!

abel fuentes said...

I love the content very helpful tips so much, but i'm confused the paint did you shared.

loriann signori said...

Hi Abel,
Thanks for your feedback. I am not sure what you mean...that you are confused about the paint I shared. The cards are made with photos from the paintings I have made. If that's not what you were asking feel free to comment again.