Monday, January 9, 2017

Home and Design Magazine

Happy New Year everyone! I am delighted to begin 2017 with great news. Home and Design Magazine has an article about my work in their January/February issue.
A big thank you to Jeanne Blackburn for noticing my work.
Because you are my blogger friends I will give you a small story from the interview process. My interviewer and writer, Jeanne Blackburn, and I spoke often by phone. One day she came to my studio and we talked a long time. You may not know this but my studio assistant, Miss Poochers, was left in the house to attend to duties there. She was extremely unhappy about this situation and began to sing an aria to bring the attention back to her. Jeanne suggested that I allow Miss Poochers to join us.
Miss Poochers is an extreme extrovert and athlete...or should I say cathlete? Jeanne was very polite. She pet and oohed and ahhed over Miss Poochers, but in time our attention faded to the talk of art. Needless to say Miss Poochers was dismayed at this new situation. She decided to regain control.
She proceeded to climb the french door screens to the top of the doors. then she jumped 4 more feet to the sill of the arched window. From there she began to sing.
Miss Poochers walks the door, a normal activity
Of course she received more attention for her performance, but once again we moved on to the task at hand, the interview. You could just see the think bubble in her little head. "What can I do next?" After that Miss Poochers promptly flew off the sill straight down to the rug with a loud PLOP! Yipes! The flying cat scared both of us! This was a first for my cathlete! That was when Miss Poochers politely (or not so politely) returned to the house.

Here is the link to the article.

Miss Poochers since that day she likes to be up in the window.


Donna T said...

Great article! Congratulations Loriann! Your studio assistant is such a cutie :)

loriann signori said...

Thanks Donna and yes my studio assistant is a cutie. And she can sing!!!!!