Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Whistler- and seduction by realism

study from Sanibel Island
Whistler talks about this in some letters. Here is one recipient's quote,"He complained that he was seduced by that damn realism and it was so easy to just paint what was out there. And I think maybe he worried that he wasn’t being original enough, that he was too closely associated with Courbet, that he hadn’t been well-trained. And that he had kind of gravitated to Courbet’s realism because of his lack of training.”

Ruskin was too ill to attend, but several artists, including Burne-Jones, took the stand to defend Ruskin’s position, though the defense of Ruskin was more of an attack on Whistler. Under questioning from Charles Synge Christopher Bowen, counsel for the defendant, Burne-Jones characterized Whistler’s work as “incomplete . . . an admirable beginning,” “deficient in form,” and without composition.
Oh, to be as deficient in form as Whistler!


Donna T said...

Beautiful painting, Loriann. I love the way the warm light flows over the treetops. I'll take breath on glass any day.

Double "D" said...

Hello sunshine. Wow, what a beauty Loriann.

Patricia Wafer said...

Such a excellent point!! I do think being able to draw well and render images realistically is an important basic skill but trying to copy the scene before me is only marginally more helpful than copying a photograph. Once we have a some skill with realism then I think we can be much freer to go beyond that. Unfortunately many people will praise us saying "that is great - it looks just like a photograph!" I would rather hear, "that's great - it makes me feel like I am there!" Your paintings are wonderful and capture that feeling and atmosphere so well. Loved the redbuds! I am always inspired to look deeper when I am painting after looking at yours.

loriann signori said...

Hi Donna! I too will take breath on glass if you are serving some.Happy painting!

Hi PB! Good to hear from you and thank you!!!!

Hi Patricia,
It sure sounds like we agree on all accounts. Knowing you can draw and drawing always are very important. It is how you see that is more important and very different than what you see. Paint on my friend and enjoy the wonderful journey.