Monday, July 17, 2017

Construct and deconstruct and repeat

I have learned that the reason why I paint is truly to fall in love with wonder, over and over. Each time I am at the easel I begin with an intention, yet I allow the painting to truly lead the way. This way painting is more like a good conversation. You can't plan can plant seeds, but you need to listen and respond.
My painting falls somewhere between realism and abstract. I constantly construct my landscape and in the next turn deconstruct  the whole piece. Oftentimes, when I  I leave the easel for the day  my painting is unreadable. When I come back I find my way thru again.
These particular paintings are pastel on top of oil.


Beth Badger said...

Your paintings are transporting. When you travel, do you take your pastel box and mounted prepared paper or oils? Do you ship them ahead? I want to travel wth pastels.

loriann signori said...

Hi Beth,
When I travel I bring my pastels. I put my box, two small black gatorboards with paper sandwiched inside and a few extras in a small backpack. Sometimes I go all out and bring my tripod easel, other times just a small stool. The important thing is I never trust my pastels in checked luggage, It's too expensive to land up with broken pieces and dust. Travel light an you will paint more.

happy trail,

Gwendy said...

Hi Loriann, Long ago I used just a few oil pastels to draw at night. They worked out so nicely. But I let’s that medium behind. Now I’m an oil painter but I feel I need to further develop my use of color and color harmonies. I’m thinking if I go back to also using pastels that could help me. Do you think so?
Also, I see you used pastels over oil?!? Wow! I’d like to do that too. Any tips? Thanks for helping me.

loriann signori said...

Hi Gwendy,

My best tip to you is to try anything, don't be afraid. Just keep in mind the archival rules and you are all set. If the idea attracts you, try it. And, have fun!