Wednesday, February 14, 2018

valentine's passion and one month

Hi Everyone!

pastel about 5"x6"
I'm back!!!! The explanation for my absence is below. I just wanted to announce that in honor of Valentine's Day I will be posting a daily passion post for one month (February 14-March 14.) Most posts will be that day's plein air painting. If it is my long teaching day you will see a small studio piece. What better way to celebrate passion! Happy Valentine's Day!

PS I am happy to say I am back blogging. Not to make excuses... but Apple has caused me many problems. When I updated to High Sierra it caused me more problems. It stopped access to my photo editing software (which was is Cs5)and made it so I couldn't open Aperture. They call them "legacy programs". They are trying to phase these programs out because you only have to buy them once. Their replacements are programs you continually have to subscription. Arghhhhhh! With help from Artur, friend and tech specialist, I am up and running again, but for who knows how long. If you know answers to these issues please comment or email me. Iphoto is not as good as Aperture that's why I left. It looks like Lightroom is the only answer. Help...if you know!


Teri Robus said...

Welcome back Loriann! I feel your pain about Photoshop. I have an old version but not really sure if it is working on my new computer. I don't have a tech person so ... arghhhh ... too! I don't even know about Aperture. So much is changing. Glad to see your gorgeous paintings again! Take care!

loriann signori said...

Thanks Teri! The target (tech) is always moving and I do my best to move with it. Painting will continue with or without it.