Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Febraury passion challenge days 14-22

Baltimore sunrise, 30x40, oil

We had serious wind storms which closed down the city. At one point when I went to a doctor's appointment I heard two transformers blow and the fire came next! Therefore I spent more time in studio than out. The top one is the large oil I've been working on and the others are some of the plein airs before and after the storm.
field near needwood
memory twilight needwood

field at entrance


Donna T said...

I'm always so impressed by your memory work and the strength of the mood you create. This sounds like a dumb question but is there anything I can do to better record a scene in my head? Do you focus on colors, shapes or maybe use descriptive words?

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

I'm playing catch up :o) I love all of these but that oil really is a stunner! I hope your weather is calmer now.

Luis Altares said...

Hello Loriann,

I love your "Memory twilight". All your paintings are fabulous, you are definitely my prefered pastelist :-)

-Luis (from France)-

loriann signori said...

Hi Everyone,
Thanks for your comments. I am sorry I am so late in replying. I am staying away from all social media... but I have decided that doesn't include the blog. I think that being on social media affects me. I want to be in my own head, not visiting others heads while I work.Now I will answer each of you separately.

Hi Donna,
I am always learning how to record a memory better. It began when I would go to the field with my husband. I would spend 5 minutes memorizing then turn around and describe the scene to him. He would "correct."It was at the time I had my lung surgery and I couldn't do a lot. I would memorize and do a small painting in bed.Through this I have learned that it is memorizing the colors, in particular the way the colors meet (the edges,) that helps the most. i make up the shapes to fit the painting. I write down the memory in my sketch book. That way I can always come back to it.For a color driven person I find that to be most important. Thanks for your comment!

Thanks Lisa! There are subtleties in color that aren't seen in the photo. The sun/ water glows. Thanks for visiting again!

loriann signori said...

Thank you Luis!