Monday, April 30, 2018

more from Sanibel

Since I am back from beautiful Sanibel I am now living in my memory. Ahhh.

My memory allows for total freedom. When I was there I recorded only the written information about the colors in my sketchbook. This series of paintings have no solid physical basis. I am only concerned with air. Sometimes land shapes come forward but I am not as interested in making them...simply trying to paint air.
As I work on these air studies I am finding that using texture is exciting. Since these are all pastel I started with texture. Not being satisfied I kept adding more as I  worked. 
Does anyone have a suggestions for a new place to go where the air is colored? I so far like Sanibel, Washington State, and Prince Edward Island. Any suggestions?


Avon Waters said...

Spring and fall are times when farmers are working in the fields and the sunsets and sunrises in the Midwest offer some fabulous colors due to the various dust particles in the air from cropping activities.

loriann signori said...

Sounds wonderful Avon! Are there special areas which are best?