Friday, June 1, 2018

the lake and the lock

The lake has always been my muse. I return to her each time I want to move away from comfort. By choosing her I have enough comfort of place that the rest is up to me. I know her shapes inside out and can paint her blindfolded. So I play. And play more...just trying to open something up that is under a lock. Soon I will figure out the combination, again,  and  step inside.
plein air


Asta said...

Beautiful and evocative. Thanks for sharing these wonderful images.

Donna T said...

Your memory work amazes me, Loriann, and thanks for your tips a few weeks ago. These are beautiful! It's as if you already know the structures and you can devote more energy to creating whatever atmospheres or color schemes you want.

loriann signori said...

Thank you Asta!

Hi Donna.... how is NY? Yes, you are right. Knowing a place frees you to play and paint emotion and shapes...etc!
It's a wonderful feeling. Paint on my friend!