Thursday, August 9, 2018

back to the field

Certain places compel us to paint. They simply stop us in our tracks when we see the siren calling us to the rocks. You see the poetry of color her words soft and sweet. The fields on Whidbey Island do that for me. Her rhythms and shapes make my heart beat just a little bit stronger. This are all plein air.
Next stop, Prince Edward Island, Canada.


Paul Nemeth said...

Ah man, I love your pastels. I'm so jealous. I want to pain like you now. But then I see you've gone on workshops etc. I have no training and all the workshops in my area in England are for people who've retired and who no longer work during the day.
Still, thanks for the inspiration. I love the way you use colours so subtly and such great atmosphere. Just what I want in my pastels. My trouble is that I'm not yet brave enough o be bold with use of colour and try to emulate what is before me rather than interpret it. Anyway, I'm talking way too much. Thanks again!

rroseman said...

Hi Loriann

Are these all done on the same surface?
I am part of the midatlantic pastel society- would you ever consider doing a workshop for our group - we are based in Richmond, Va so not too far from you, We have some great river view locations for plein air on the James River that I love to paint too.
Regina Tune

loriann signori said...

Thanks Paul! The best thing you can do is paint. Don't worry about it or compare to others. Simply paint for the love of painting. Copy the works of the masters. Paint from life. You will find yourself. Paint on my friend!

Hi Regina,

The paintings in this post are all on Uart. I like to use it when I am in the field. In the studio I tend to use different materials. Tell me more about what kind of workshop you are looking for. The best thing would be to contact me through my website. I'm happy to talk!