Monday, October 5, 2009

Old Farm Homestead and First Place Shades of Pastel Biennial Exhibition

about 8x10 pastel on watercolor on uart

Topaz Serenity- first prize winner

It's funny how you could keep facing one direction repeatedly and not notice the other. Today I crossed the street to another future construction site and peered through the trees... a field and an abandoned homesite. The home is to the left in the trees. The field was a mix of neutrals and that gorgeous pink orange grass. It was a struggle to get it right. I think I need to decide how important the building is and if it is, to strengthen its impression.

On another note..... yesterday was an amazing day. I think this is my month! I attended the opening  and awards reception for the Shades of Pastel Biennial  Exhibition. It is a national show so the work was simply incredible. As I walked through the rooms of gorgeous paintings I was filled with delight and amazement to be part of this show. Ninety-nine stunning paintings, I even recognized names of famous pastel painters from the magazines I see.  I stayed for the awards and listened to the reasons why each was chosen. I was absolutely shocked when the judge came to first place and I heard my name!!!! It was described it as a poetic landscape. WOW! It doesn't get any better!
  Go check out the show if you are in the vicinity.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, BIG TIME! I wish I could transport myself back to the east coast to see the show. How exciting to be amongst "big names" and stellar art.

NJ ART 73 said...

Congratulations Loriann!!!!
I think that Topaz Serenity is a beautiful painting.
This painting is fully realized- I could look at it every day and discover something new. There is much in this painting for you to build upon. Again congratulations on a well deserved and hard won achievement.

"Grace or the Tao , surrounds us always. Whenever we are open to it for a moment, it enters into us"
Herman Hesse

PS: It may a good idea to "keep" this painting-at least for a while. I think that there are certain paintings which upon completion are keystones or bridges to future possibilities.

Brenda Boylan said...

Well deserved for all your hard work and good habits. I couldn't agree more with NJ Art's post about keeping this one around for a while yet. Savor it's presence.

Janelle Goodwin said...

Congratulations, Loriann!!! You so deserve it!!!

Brian McGurgan said...

Great news, Loriann, and well-deserved. Congratulations!

Donna T said...

It was the highlight of my day to meet you at that show, Loriann! Congratulations on the award, although I can't help saying "I told you so!" As soon as I saw that painting in person - stunning!- I knew it deserved to win. Your paintings are poetic - that's why we love them so much!

Isabel and Louellen said...

Congratulations, Loriann! Poetry, indeed.

Casey Klahn said...

I think you have the mojo on how to paint for the prize - it is in your artist's heart.

You are a truly great pastelist and artist, Loriann. Congratulations on the award - first place!

Happy birthday, also, to your blog.

loriann signori said...

Thanks so much Marianne! I wish you were here too!! Come over anytime.

Hi NJ!
Thanks so much for your support. I think you are right about keeping it for awhile. I like the way you put it, "keystones to future possibilities." I like the quote too.

Hi Brenda and thank you. I will need to go check out your beautiful blog now.

Hi Janelle! and a big thank you!

Thank you too Brian!

Hi Donna, It was great to finally meet you at the show. I LOVED your beautiful quiet painting. It's one I walked up to right away and said, "ahhhhhhhhh." It is poetic. I'll
be up to paint with you soon. Thank you!

Hi Louellen!
Thanks for dropping by my blog and thank you.

Hi Casey!
Thank you so much for your kind words! And my blog accepts your birthday wishes with glee. May the painting mojo be with you it always is. You know that I love your work and that you are an inspiration for all!

Leah said...

I'm not shocked at all .... I knew this would happen... I'm just really, really, really happy for you!!!
Damn those miles between us.

Karen said...

I'm so proud and happy!!
Best best wishes and congrats!!

Jean Victory said...

Congrats on your prize...nice pastels!

Jala Pfaff said...

Woman, you are TOO good!! Congrats. You'll recall that's always been one of my favorite paintings. :)

loriann signori said...

Thanks Leah, my forever friend!!!!!Wish you were here!