Wednesday, July 21, 2010

painting, casey and the key

Yesterday, at 6:20 am I had the privilege of meeting and painting with fellow blogger, Casey Klahn. He was down in Kirkland for an art show and rolled up this way. Lucky me!  I took him to one of my favorite places, the slough. I hope he posts his painting as well. After painted we enjoyed breakfast together. Art talk the whole time... how wonderful! Bloggers are fine people!
On Thursday it supposed to rain so I will finally get caught up on answering comments, blogging about the workshop and checking fellow bloggers' sites. It's hard to stop painting for a moment. Thank you everyone for all your comments. The journey continues. Friday, Saturday and Sunday I will participate in an oil workshop with Richard...then it's travel time!  More about that later.
A little side story-last night, after a late painting session at the slough I drove home, only to find out my key had fallen off the ring somewhere that day! Yipes! My host family is away, so flashlight in hand I scoured everywhere I had been for the last 6 hours! No luck. Finally, it was 1:00am, too late to call a friend  so I realized it was sleep in the car night. It was freezing so I wrapped myself in bubble wrap, which was stored in my car to ship panels and stuff here for my painting trip.  Long way of explaining my rather disheveled appearance the the photo. That's what one looks like after a night in the car! I am happy to say I have the key now and will sleep in a bed tonight!


Nika said...

You both look charming and the funniest thing is the difference in your complexion:)))
The meshing of warm and cool in the water in the foreground is very pleasing, but I think reeds/bushes on the left need just a touch of dark value in them to let them recede comfortably into the back.
You sure know how to get yourself into an adventure, Loriann! Glad you made it through the night without any ill effects. Now I know another great use for bubblewrap, lol

Casey Klahn said...

Loriann is telling the story all wrong. I would lead with the bear encounter! Such are our differences.

Another difference I noticed between you and I, Loriann, is the way you focus on that painting! Your level of finish is superb, and teaches me a lot. Me: ho hum, what should I paint - no idea; here's a scene; totally lost here. New paper? How does this work? Drop the stick in the wet grass. Wander around a little. Take a photo of Loriann at the easel (see that when I post later).

For the viewers, her background blues, which are a treeline, glow off the page - but you can't see that here. For Loriann, you left out the raccoon. Glad you got the key, and hope you get the rain and some down time. Good luck at the next RM class, too.

SamArtDog said...

I'll never know how you managed to pull off yet another memorable painting with A) no sleep and B) an audience as funny as Casey is. Must be the combination of the key securely fastened around your waist with a carabiner and your magic painting mittens.

P.S. After seeing your clever bubble-wrapped package, I'm not surprised you successfully packaged yourself.

Double "D" said...

Um, bubble wrap, lost keys, bears per Casey and sleeping in the car. Like I always say, you're really something special. You still managed to knock out yet another beautiful painting.
I do hope it rains on Thursday so you have some time to rest and catch up. Are you enjoying yourself and your painting adventure? From my perspective you look pretty cool ... especially after sleeping in bubble wrap. How many pops did you hear during the night?
Take care of yourself friend and please hang onto the key!!!!!!. Stay healthy.

loriann signori said...

Hi Nika! We look charming, eh? First time I have heard that. Thanks for the crit. I will look at that. Bubble wrap is versatile! I suggest the big bubble for sleeping, they hold in more heat.:-D

Hi Casey! It was a pleasure to meet you! Maybe tomorrow i will add more about the bear.
You are right about focus. I can a have tunnel vision when painting..I could tell stories about that too. As for your focus...a new place takes some "romancing" before you can settle down...your sketch was a beauty regardless of your perceived unfocus.
Thanks for the painting feedback!
Today is windy, cloudy and generally unsettled. I painted I will catch up on life. toodles for now!

HI Sam!!!!!
Packaged myself..teehee! I like that picture. It helped that Casey and I decide to go to breakfast after painting...that way i knew we would be talking soon so I could settle into my painting......Dessert was second that day.

Hi PB! You make me laugh...pops in the night!!!!!! heeheeheehee!
I love a good adventure! and i am feeling GREAT! Thanks for your comment! I always love to hear form you!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a story. You look great by the way for sleeping in your car in bubble wrap! I love to read your posts, they are just great....Now, gesso and pastel and a tonalist palette.....just love the thought of it (lol)....

Pam Holnback said...

How wonderful for you to be painting w/ Casey!

loriann signori said...

Hi Maggie, you should have seen his work, I know you would have loved it! I am happy to hear that you like my posts! More to come!

Hi Pam, It was fun! Lucky me!

Brian McGurgan said...

Two of my favorite artist bloggers painting outdoors together - how rich is that? I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall during breakfast - bet I would have learned a ton from that and from watching the two of you at work. Sorry for the night in the car and the near-bear experience, Loriann - it all makes for a good story, though! Take care and enjoy!

Lisa McShane said...

Bubble wrap! If you lose your key again remember, I have a guest room. Although it would seem a long way away at 1 a.m.

loriann signori said...

HI Brian! You are right it was a real pleasure to meet Casey! Wish it could have been longer! Bears and bubble wrap are just good stories now! heehee

Hi Lisa!
It was so late that I didn't want to bother anyone...but it is SO kind of you to offer! Thanks!!!! You are sweet!