Tuesday, August 31, 2010

marla baggetta interview, part two

Interview with Marla Baggetta, part two
In the first part Marla talked about her 100 Variations and about giving yourself permission Click here to read part one.

Marla, "I throw a lot of stuff away. I have four categories: trash, wall, drawer, and frame. The trash, well that means I never want to see it again. The wall means there is something there and I will dig it out later. The drawer, well work goes in the drawer because there is something there but I really don't want to deal with it now. And some things get framed."

me- How do you get started each day?

Marla- "Getting started is the most difficult thing. I have every reason to be drawn to go into the studio and work or out to paint. I have all the stuff, the galleries, no financial restraints, and my husband is very supportive- he's an artist too. It couldn't be more perfect, but still I find myself procrastinating. I start the laundry, make some coffee, etc. I guess part of it is ok. We need to do it. You have to train yourself. Wherever you go there is inspiration, you have to train and be ready. I find that if I set up the night before, do a sketch, get something on the easel it helps. The blank page is the most scary thing. We artists are brave. Each day we approach that blank and create something new every single time. Give yourself credit for that. It's hard."

me- What do you listen to while you paint?

Marla- "Oh, my ipod is my friend. I would be embarrassed to say what is on it. Just total trash. I listen to trash because its like a big wash. I pay no real attention to it. If it was interesting I would pay attention to the music."

me- Would you talk a little bit about how you use concepts?

Marla- "I don't have a concept. I paint whatever entices me. I feel if it enchants me it will do the same for someone else."

next part..thinking about titles and favorite materials

Marla has many workshops coming up. I wish I could take one.


Donna T said...

Thanks Loriann!

loriann signori said...

Hi Donna and you are very welcome!

Caroline Simmill said...

Very interesting to read about Marla and her working progress. It can be hard to get into the studio and get going so it is good to read about setting up the night before with a sketch etc. Yes I agree about throwing away the paintings that are not good, they served their purpose in helping us to learn.

Anonymous said...

Loriann, So great that you have this rather nice interview going with Marla. I love your oil that you are not sure of, by the way!

loriann signori said...

Hi Caroline and Maggie, I am glad to hear you are enjoying Marla's interview. It was a real pleasure speaking with her. She is an inspiration.