Monday, August 1, 2011

keeping a sketchbook

As you have heard me say before..... photos serve little to no purpose for painting. What does you wonder?
Your sketchbook.
In my studio I have a basket filled with sketchbooks. They contain sketches, notans, small pastels, memory notes, ideas, poems, quotes and general thoughts about the scenes. Here I give you a sneak peak into one of them.
page with two (taped in) paintings, one covered with glassine, the other one with the glassine lifted.
the back, "suede"papers out of their pocket
My favorite sketchbook is the Cachet Fusion by Daler Rowney. Thick white paper, study spiral binding (a must), a pocket in back and an elastic built in that keeps all my papers together. I carry small pieces of pastel paper (art spectrum suede) and glassine in the back pocket.

Have I convinced you?
If you would like to buy one like this, here is the link.
Do you have a favorite sketchbook? Which one and why?

In the studio each painting begins with preliminary sketches and the colors notes written on site. When I am removed from the scene the work itself takes on a life of its own. So I sign off with a photo of my most recent large studio oil.  It about half way finished. More later.
4'x4' oil on wood


Leah said...

This oil on wood is already a beauty!

SamArtDog said...

The glazing on this painting looks like layers of memories. Very intriguing!

This sketchbook looks perfect. I bookmarked it immediately. Interesting how the first photo looks so much like the wing of an airplane.

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Thank you for letting us peek into your sketchbooks. I love my sketchbooks, they are what I would run to save if my house was on fire (after all the people were out of course).

From the looks of your painting you have been working really hard. Beautiful coloured light (as always) and what a great scale. Have a great week.

Caroline Simmill said...

Hi Loriann, you will be discovering that working on a large scale requires more work, maybe even more detail just to bring the work together. Colour is your strong point more and more I can see this in your work, from being able to capture atmosphere you also have a talent for creating beautiful colours. This comes naturally to some artists more than others. I love the luminous areas in the sky. The veils of colour and atmosphere are lovely to behold. Thank you for taking us into your studio and to see your sketch book drawings and ideas too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Loriann,
The 4 x4 oil painting on your easel is a very strong painting! The quality of light and dynamic color in this painting is visually rewarding. This paint sings.You are developing a synergy between how you work with oil paint and soft pastel. I enjoyed looking at your sketch books. I too have found that photographs are becoming less important. Lately I have been working with the 5.5 x 8 Strathmore Watercolor Visual Journal either 140 lb or 90 lb, I find these journals to be excellent for mixed media which for me usually means watercolor and oil pastels or colored pencils . I also use the Strathmore spiral bound bounds, 400 Series or Recycled in either the 9/12 or 5 .5 x 8 .5 & the 300 Series Charcoal paper spiral pads with either sketching pencils, colored pencils or Pitt brush pens. I would guess that you have also found working in your sketch books to be addictive. I find that reviewing old sketch books is a great way to jump start the painting process.


loriann signori said...

Thanks Leah!
Ir goes in and out from awkward teenage stage to more developed each day...many stopping points..but I have not found satisfaction.

Hi Sam!
Wing of an airplane?! heehee. It takes you to make me see it in a whole different way! Glad you like the sketchbook suggestion.

Hi Lisa,
Thanks for your nice note. Yes, I too treasure my sketchbooks. They are jumpstarters for many paintings, even if the book is years old. Good week to you too!

loriann signori said...

Hi Caroline, YEs that is exactly the idea I wrestle with each day- how little can I much can I distill and what is superfluous and what is necessary.....eternal struggles I guess.

Hi NJ!
Thanks about the continues to morph and has good days and bad days like me. Thanks for your sketchbook ideas. I have never used Pitt brush pens..maybe I should give them a try. Till next week.

Casey Klahn said...

Shivers (at the beautiful oil painting).

Your words on the sketchbook make me want to buff up my own (scattered and disorganized) sketchbooks. At the same time, it reminds me that my studio journal needs words.

Karen said...

It's all looking great- the visions from Washington, the working big, the distillations to the essences (!!), and, yes, the computer limitations.
Hope the McKinley workshop was as fabulous as it always has been for you.
Thinking of you, and so good to see what you're up to!

I sometimes think about photocopying all my sketchbooks...I can't imagine if I ever lost them...traumatic!

loriann signori said...

Thanks Casey!
YEs, the words help me remember so much of the feeling that i don't see in the thumbnails or small pastels. They are good for bringing me back to why I chose this idea/landscape.
Hope you are enjoying your vacation.

Hi Karen! Thanks for taking the time to drop by and visit. Richard is always for thought indeed. Photocopying your sketchbooks...why that never occurred to will now. Hope you are having a great summer.

Double "D" said...

Umm, the photo issue again.
I understand the need for sketch books and continued drawing for skill and recording subjects for future paintings. I totally agree with you on that subject. I'm afraid in my studio there will always be sketchbooks and photographs together.

I'm really looking forward for you to complete
this painting. It has a beautiful start.


Astrid Volquardsen said...

Hi Loriann,
thanks for sharing your sketchbooks. In the workshop I could watch you how much of your thoughts went in there.
I like your big format and I remember a square one on your easel in Dakaota with all this wonderful yellow glowing. I just went to an Turmer exhibition which had an emphasis an his athmospheric paintings. Watching some of them I was instantly reminded of your pastels. Maybe you should have a look at his work.

Anyway, I think it's a very good decission to stick to a weekly blog mode.
It was fun meeting you,
take care,

loriann signori said...

Oh dear PB, you caught me doing it again. I just can't help myself and it ALWAYs gets you attention....and I miss you. I know we differ on this and I do agree photos as reference photos have use. My issue with them is in basing one's painting on a photo and copying. Just my little piece of the sauce.
Thanks about the painting start. It continues to lead me in a way I didn't anticipate. hmmmm. Happy summer! b

loriann signori said...

Hi Astrid..oh yes the Turner exhibition is wonderful. When it was in DC I visited it frequently.His work amazes me. Thanks for mentioning my work in the same sentence as Turner's.
I feel good about my blog's new format. Congrats about you Pastel Journal article. WOW!