Tuesday, April 14, 2020

the importance of a series

Have you ever created a series? A group of painting, drawings that are all related and oftentimes the group is the same size. Why make series you ask? Well I could go on and on. But since you want to  have more painting time I will be brief.

1. A series allows the brain the release of thinking what to paint.
2.When you begin a series, you feel you have this.... bu the surprise happens later, when you start to get a little bored. That, " Oh. it's those trees again" means you finally stop imposing your intention on your subject. Your subject is the painting, not the trees.
3. You now will try anything.

Ideas for a series:
1. Work from your small studies- make many
2. Focus on making landscapes without a horizon line  or only a high horizon
3. Do a black and white series
4. Choose and abstract noun, verb, adverb or adjective as the base of your series
5. Allow a poem or song guide your series
6. Find a challenging format and make all of your paintings in that. Same size, same shape
7. Focus on a technique that you want to master- an underpainting technique, a mark making

As you can see I continued by cherries...this time pompom cherries since the regular delicate pink ones have lost their blossoms.
The work has developed in the studio as well. Here is one large 30 x40 studio oil. It's in its infancy. I think I will do many versions that are small and in the studio. Play.
What are you going to make your series about?
30x40 oil..just the beginning of a painting journey

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