Monday, May 4, 2020

vanishing boundaries

My art is silently moving towards a different way of representing space and vibration. At this point  I feel it is most effective in my small multi-layered pastels. In the diminutive scale of a 6"x6" or 8"x8"  I can play with the tension between color, form and edge without a set agenda. No formal intention is present, just a trust that it's in there and all I have to do is turn up to work. 

This series is called Vanishing Boundaries.

My response has always been intuitive. But now I feel as if I have crossed another barrier. There are no special techniques or processes. It's just simply what the painting needs. I am embracing confusion and finding my way to a separate peace.
I'm not sure why this metamorphosis is happening now but I have considered that it might be due to the confluence of this tumultuous time of the pandemic and my own conflicted desires for the painting. The paradox of knowing that despite all that has gone before all we ever really have is one perfect moment: the present.


slice4e said...

Beautiful, subtle works - as always.
The last one especially reminds me of patina on copper...

Teri Robus said...

Hi Loriann, whatever the case, you are working and the colors are beautiful, and I feel emotions of high passion & then calm. I have begun blogging again (it's your fault). :)

njart73 said...

Hi Loriann
Absolutely beautiful ethereal paintings that reminds me of the late works of George Inness. Your oolor harmonies are spot on. I too sense a change in my work coming up. Why do I feel that a change is coming.? Please read on.

If you have not done so yet go & check out either Face Book or You Tube. Streamline Publishing at 3 PM shows a large portion of one of their excellent art instruction videos. It is an amazing opportunity to learn from some of the best artists around. I came across this about 3 weeks ago. If you miss the 3 o'clock viewing both You Tube & Face Book have them - every one of them shown to date . Streamline has a 30 % discount on the video shown that day. Eric Rhodes, Streamline Publishing, has a Face Book page & each day at 12 noon East Coast ( 11 he lives in Austin TX) he has a daily conversation. He is funny, smart and positive. I find these two events {plus turning off the news} have given me a positive jolt. To date as of 05/O4 he has done 40 of them !

I am working on a 10 x 20 landscape in acrylic that has had more changes to it than a model at a fashion show. It was an abstract from years ago that I had cut up & saved a piece because I found an interesting mark that I liked. I glued it to a 10 x 20 canvas panel and off I went. So far I have kept that shape starting out by just jumping with an idea then relating and solving painting problems as I continue working on it The paper is Arches 140 which is a wonderful surface for acrylics. It is certainly not an abstract any more.

Finally I was able to get back to my painting after being laid up with a case of the Corona virus a few weeks ago. I am fortunate that it was a mild case but it still took two and a half weeks between its coming & going also getting my sea legs & appetite back. No fever or coughing no breathing problems just fever and chills & some headaches. Probably came aboard when I went to DMV to renew my registration. What would have been a 20 minute trip turned into a 2 1/4 hour deal. It seems that by Oct 1 NJ drivers need to obtain a REAL ID drivers license. If you do not have one after Oct 1 or a passport you cannot be admitted into a Federal building or board a plane. My version will be fine except for the above till I renew in a few years.

I also finished a pastel landscape around 11 x 14 that fits a 16 x 20 frame. Mi Tientes Board 16 x 20 is my preferred choice for now.I pastel inside the area that the mat surrounds. It is easier and less costly to frame. I noticed that how I handle the pastel is evolving. It still needs a few touches so I am going to let it sit for a while. I have prepared scraps of mat board with clear gesso also trying some Golden mediums such as Fiber Paste or Course Modeling Paste and sometimes their Pastel Ground. Take a look at Tri -Mark Sludge.I think Dick Blick sells it. It is 100 % made from re- cycled pigments

After watching these 3 o'clock videos my approach is going to be changing. I am returning to oils but I am not walking away from the acrylics. Of course pastel both soft & oil are also my favorites though lately I work with soft pastel exclusively for some time. I purchased a 72 piece WC pencil set and a set of pan WCs from Arteza. I intend to work plein air with WC. I am not exactly proficient but being outside in the field will help me improve in addition to the other benefits. BTW please be extra careful outdoors. I think that due to the mild winter, ( what winter?) ticks will be especially prolific this year. Take care & be safe. Keep painting I am looking forward to seeing your new paintings and the how your painting evolves.

loriann signori said...

Thank you Martin!

Thank you Teri! It feels good to be back blogging. I am glad I inspired your return. I will be by to see what you are up to.

Hey NJ! It sounds like you have gone thru a lot- good and bad. Sorry to hear that you had Covid but happy to hear that you are on the mend. It sounds like you are doing some interesting work. I know about the Streamline videos- they have shown some amazing artists. I have seen a couple but now that you remind me I will check back.
Stay safe my friend!
PSI will watch out for the ticks... that is the joy of winter... no ticks.