Monday, March 10, 2008

March 10, 2008 Tawny-colored Field

5x7, pastel and watercolor on board
This morning I woke up in darkness (daylight savings) and I realized I had painted the gorge all night long. So I went to the studio and promptly got to the physical aspect of work. It's coming along, but still needs work on the right cliff bank. Maybe I will post it later this week.
I took a break and quickly did this little one from our Sunday walk on the Manassas Battlefields. It is a beautiful place full of tawny-colored fields. This one had a horse path that was filled with water and I liked the way it moved through the fields. I painted it with use of a photo and my memory. People have asked to see what a reference photo would look here it is. It is fun to move trees, change colors, and take out roads with the swish of a brush or mark of pastel!

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