Tuesday, March 11, 2008

March 11, 2008 Bronze Sunset, Mizell's Lumber

8x12, pastel and watercolor on board
Did you ever torment yourself working on a painting that was doomed to fail. Well this was mine. Like a dog with a bone, I have struggled with this small one all day and night. Bite, bite, tear, curse, grumble...argh! Either I should stop doing structures, which drive me crazy, or do more.....?????? For now I guess I will get ready for bed!
On another topic, now, when you want to make a comment you will need to put in one of those little codes. Press comment and you will see. My friend Domi helped me figure this out. I have been receiving a lot of spam comments and this should stop that from happening. Comment away!
Oh, by the way, I get my new car tomorrow. The new art cave will be coming home! Amazing! (Since I paint in my car and use it like a studio/sleep spaceI call it my art cave. This will be cave 4.)

1 comment:

L1 said...

I say do more ... structures that is.
Congratulations on the new art cave. I think it needs to be broken in though and what better way than painting the ocean or pastoral scenes of rural Nova Scotia?