Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Painting in process, the gorge

about 3 ft x 4ft pastel and oil paint on marble dust board
I have been working on this painting for a long time now. I didn't get the color right in the jpegs, but the detail (above) is really beginning to work. This weekend at open studio someone said it was very Hudson River School-like. (cool)
On another note...... when I was returning from the doctor this afternoon the air was warm and the earth was cold. The result was an awesome foggy atmosphere. I had limited time so I drove the Rock Creek and ran out into the park with my camera. Silly me was wearing my "pointies'' (boots with pointed toes and high heels, pointies is my niece Agne's word). By the time I got out of the park and it was dark. My pointies were a mud mess...... but I had the best photos! I have been waiting for that light to begin a commisioned large painting. More about that process later, now to the studio with me!


Anonymous said...

I love this painting.. probably one of my favorite ones!


Loriann Signori said...

Thanks Anonymous!