Thursday, January 1, 2009

Intentions (aka resolutions)

A big new years thank you to all my blog friends who have followed my journey this year!
I look forward to your comments, printed, emailed and spoken.Have a wonderful, healthy, happy and fun 2009!

On another note,I have decided to call my resolutions intentions rather than resolutions. I guess, to me, resolutions sounds so permanent (and demanding). Intentions seem more fluid (and forgiving). Maybe it's just words.
I intend:
1. to share more on my blog. (share the kinds of things other artists want to know)
2. to keep my plein air pastel box clean (nothing like finding a wolf in sheep's clothing when you're painting)
3. to find 10 more ways to improve my "business" of art take more risks when I paint.
Feel free to remind me if I get off target:-)
That's it....back to painting.

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