Friday, April 10, 2009

Awards and Thank Yous XXXOOOO

Recently I have been honored with two awards. First the "I Love your Art Blog" award from Casey and Painting with Passion from Dale . Thank you Casey and Dale. The blogosphere has created this wonderful, supportive community where we notice each other with comments and awards. It's a nice place.
Now, awards come with duties to keep the love going. I must nominate 7 others who share this passion and 7 other passions and then 7 peeps I love and 7 blogs I love. Phew! I think I will do a combo. Therefore I will name 7 blogs I love because they share this passion of creating. I will try to find new ones that I have not tagged before.
Karen Margulis
Susan Downing White
Gretchen Kelly
Eden Compton
Karla Nolan

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