Friday, June 19, 2009

Color Harmony/Secondary Triad/Riverbend

Recently I have been very involved in my Deer Grazing painting (still unfinished). For it I chose a triad of secondary colors: green, orange, violet. My dominant hue was the orangey gold, but it was a very low chroma palette. Today I decided to employ the same triad but instead of orange, the dominant color was to be violet and I wanted to heighten the chroma as would be natural for the light of the morning. Intention is half the battle. or the battle plan. Next comes the hard work of the soldiers moving according to what the opponent does/or doesn't do.. Without the can never win.

I am posting 2 different paintings today because I will be traveling tomorrow. See ya on Sunday.


brian eppley said...

This is a gem. Like light through a diamond!

Karen said...

Really huge distance here.

Also, thanks for that reminder about light on gray days yesterday. So simple, so easy to overlook.

loriann said...

Thanks Brian and Karen.
Hmmmmmm.... light,. You are right Karen, oftentimes we get wrapped up in what we see. It needs to be balanced with thinking of what we know.

Jala Pfaff said...

Marvelous, well-thought-out and successful color harmony! I love the secondaries.

Gretchen Kelly said...

Love the underpainting!

loriann said...

Hi Jala..that combination of secondaries is one of my favorite! Thanks about the harmony.

Gretchen, I put the underpainting in for YOU!