Monday, June 22, 2009

an artist's job/Chincoteague Morning

When looking at a landscape the artist needs to look carefully, take what is hinted at and make it grow into something more beautiful (and imbued with emotion). More importantly, you need to reject whatever does not fit the vision. Sounds easy, eh? Painting is not for the weak.


Maggie Latham said...

Hi Loriann, When I lived in Arlington (and later Rehoboth Beach) I used to love trips to the Eastern Shore. Wonderful landscape and Chincoteague is a place unto it's own. Port Charles is another one of those interesting places.
Thsi is a lovely painting.

Louellen said...

Wow! We came to your site this morning to check on what you're up to ... we both love this Chincoteague painting! Happy summer--

Louellen and Isabel

Karen said...

It's SO easy.

This is an amazing painting, really, it has a real refinement to it, attention to small areas (like the edge of the grasses) while maintaining that overall sense of vastness that you're so great at.

Jala Pfaff said...

Love the apricot colors in the water.

loriann said...

Hi Maggie and thanks for visiting my site! I didn't know that you were once a Delmarva resident!

Hi Louellen and Isabel! Its always good to hear from you. Summer is wonderful...isn't it? XO Loriann

Thanks Karen! Vastness an limited detail, my goal. Thanks for noticing! I love your recent "crawl series."

Thanks Jala!