Friday, July 24, 2009

Concept/ The Blues

9x12 pastel on Uart

Every painting needs a concept, something that defines it being, its movement. For some people it's design-shapes and forms and for others its a more emotional component. Think about it, which is your driving force?
This is one of the paintings done at the thistle field. It will be the base of my studio work, my concept. I have a number of these done at different times of day. (I'll post at a different time.) This field and tree pretty much breaks down into two values. When squinting you would notice that all the flowers and grasses are the same value. Sort of Vuillard like. Check out this link. With some adjustment I will work with Vuillard on this.


Barbara Noonan said...

Looking Good Lori Ann! Wish I could be there with you and the gang this year.

Barb Noonan

PS: Give Richard a pinch for me!

Barbara Noonan said...

I forgot to ask... do I get credit for that photo I took of you???? :))))

Donna T said...

I don't know what your intention was with this one Loriann, but I get such a feeling of peaceful, quiet harmony. I suspect that your skillful use of color and your ability to simplify the subject are responsible. I love how those same-valued colors provide interest without distracting from the whole.

Melinda said...

Oh, this is working so well. The composition is perfect for your concept.

Just beautiful! I enjoyed seeing the Vuillard too--thank you for the link.

Jala Pfaff said...

You have been doing FANTASTIC work, Loriann! I am so impressed! I love this blue tree, it reminds me a bit of Casey's trees. :)
I just gave you a blog award on my today's post.

loriann said...

Hi Barbara, The workshop was great and Richard is wonderful as always. Missed you there. I will add a credit about the photo. Sorry.

Thanks Donna. Don't you love working with colors of the same value? They vibrate!

Hi Melinda! It's good to hear from you. Glad you enjoyed the Vuillard link. We have a good selection of his paintings in DC. They are truly wonderful in person.

Hi Jala, Thanks for the award I will go check it out now. My life has been crazy...blogging out of my car while I stay here in Washington state. Therefore I haven't spent time visiting other people's blogs. I am looking forward to checking into all the new work in the next few days. I actually was able to see one of Casey's works in a nice gallery in Langley. Being compared to him is an honor. Thanks.