Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dakota Pastels/Nirvana/Paint a positive picture.

If there ever was nirvana, this is it. Dakota Art Pastels. Robyn Williamson is the goddess of this nirvana. she knows and has every pastel (except one brand) in the world. Every pastel artist orders their products from her , the 2 Lisas and of course, Craig. I arrived there with a box full of tiny nubs (1/2 inch worn down pieces of pastel) Robyn could easily recognize the brand and color by touch and sight. They, of course, have every chart so that you can find them yourself, but Robyn just KNOWS. She is also responsible for La Conner Art Workshops, the place where the awesome, inspiring Richard McKinley teaches his Extreme Plein Air in July of every year.
This year Robyn began a blog of her own, Paint a Positive Picture. She did it to consciously put out positive vibes to others. It was conceived as a venue for artists working in any media to express the "positive though words and image." If you would like to contribute send her a jpeg of a current piece created in the last six months. Include a short artist statement describing the positive impact this artistic process had on you. It could be what inspired you, what happened during the process or what has happened as a result. The picture itself need not look positive. Please include your name, age, website/blog address, title of the artwork, media, size and date. The site has all the rest of the information necessary to send your contribution.
Visit the site now.

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