Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Away from Home

6x6 pastel on Uart paper
Right now I am actually away on Ocracoke Island, just hanging out. It is not a work trip... so I am trying hard not to work. I love this little island. It's known for its 16 miles of pristine beach untouched by a single building. The reasons to choose Ocracoke Island are for what it doesn't have. No shopping malls, no discount stores, no fast-food restaurants, no golf course, tennis courts, bowling alleys or movie theaters. Just quiet bliss. So all I do all day is read, swim and body surf. For the most part I put the computer away and turn off the cell phone. A much needed rest.
I have stored up some "illegal spares"( a saved painting vs. one genuinely done as a painting-a-day) such this is one. I painted this one in Washington state.

Happy summer!


Brian McGurgan said...

This is beautiful, Loriann, I like the sweeping curves and the nice earth tones, along with those atmospheric trees. Enjoy your break!

loriann said...

Thanks Brian! Thank you! Those sweeping z compositions, weather with rivers or roads definitely are an effective way to lead the eye back. Back to my break :-)

brian eppley said...

Yeah, this is a gem. The subtle hints at man-made structure are very well executed. Beautiful!

Karen said...

You inspire me with your paintings...and also with your 'illegal spare' concept. :)
I've borrowed that a few times!
Enjoy your rest!!

loriann said...

Hi Brian...thanks so much. You know of my struggle with man-made structures(which you do so well).

Hi Karen! As you know, you are also an inspiration for me. I am happy that you borrowed the illegal spare concept. Now I want to borrow "rolling." Enjoy your rest too!