Wednesday, August 26, 2009

goals for painting

10x10 underpainting
I often find myself becoming too literal. In effort to end this dilemma I have decided to make some changes in the way I work (for now). In plein air I have always been seeking to capture the fleeting effects of light, often at the expense of mood. Now I will still do those Vitamins, and also monochromatic underpaintings or drawings (similar to a grisaille, but without the detail)) to add color later in the studio. Color that MAKES the mood I want. Me, the conductor of mood. Wish me luck:-)


Anonymous said...

Loriann, I love this 'start' already! For me mood and light go hand in hand, and I know in your capable hands this will turn into something this pastel?

loriann said...

Thanks Maggie. This is my watercolor underpainting. Pastel is next.

Double "D" said...


Wa, Wa, Wow! You keep knocking
my socks off with these watercolor
underpaintings. I don't know what to say
other than thanks for keeping my inspiration


loriann said...

Hi Doug, What would I do without your wonderful boosts? After a hard day at the easel, with not much success, I open up my computer to read this. Thank you, Thank you.

Donna T said...

Loriann, I think you are a mind reader. I have been struggling with the concept of mood and trying to determine the best way to go about painting it. I look forward to seeing if a monochromatic underpainting gives you more flexibility with expressing yourself. Usually, when I first see your paintngs it is the mood that immediately overcomes me. The subject is always secondary.

loriann said...

Thanks Donna! It's always good to hear from you. Mood, ah, the illusive mood. I think we all struggle to create it...don't you?

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

yes. I have to keep reminding myself that the subject is secondary, it's a painting :D
Love this.

loriann said...

Hi Mary! Yup, we all need reminders sometimes. Me included:-)