Thursday, August 27, 2009

simplicity with water

about 4x7 pastel and watercolor on uart paper
Today I went out to the field by the lake with a definite idea; which I promptly became lost in and couldn't find my way out. I wiped it down and drove down the road to the soothing water.
SIMPLE shapes with mood was the goal on this painting. Do not over work, were my instructions. I was happy with it. I only used a handful of colors and less than 50 strokes, including the watercolor. I am really trying to NOT FUSS and tickle.


Double "D" said...

I like the combination Loriann, it works well.
Well one more day of vacation and then pack up and go home. It will be good to go back for a few days and pick up my painting supplies before we head out for Maine and Acadia National Park for a week. Really looking forward to that. First time out east.
Wish me luck.

Take care my friend,

loriann said...

Thanks Doug! Enjoy your last wonderful day of vacation. You are soooo lucky to be heading out to Acadia next. That is a favorite painting spot of mine. Walking in the steps of some of the painting greats can give you shivers over there. Next door, deer isle is wonderful too. Fog, mist, atmosphere and grand views.....ah, what more can you want?
When you need nourishment after painting be sure to stop in Jordan Tea House right on the lake. (Great painting spots there too) The popovers and tea are delicious.

Till later,

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

nice, and you did just enough.

loriann said...

Thanks Mary and thanks for visiting my blog!