Saturday, August 1, 2009

mark making and the artist

The goal for toady was to paint something with which I did not resonate. My choice was the reservoir at white out time-1:00pm. Then it became about something entirely different.

the hand of the artist

The hand of an artist is a very personal thing. It shows an emotional response, unique to that artist. A personality. It is very important to hold onto your own uniqueness.... that's what makes us artists. Look at your own hand. What do you think it says? Is your work distinctly your own? Can you feel it? Examine the beauty of Casey Klahn's, Richard's, or Tracy Helgeson's work. You can savor his/her exquisite hand in each piece.
I know when, in my comfort zone, my hand can be sensitive and playful. It's funny someone asked me, "Why do I continue to only go to Richard's workshops, do you want to paint like him?" Well the answer is, Richard is a true teacher. He does not teach me to paint like him. His works are absolutely gorgeous, but I will never be Richard. There is only one Richard. With Richard there is a dialogue on the learning process, something every artist must continue daily or stagnate.
Now, examine your work:-)


brian eppley said...

Good point Loriann, Thanks for sharing the trip and your wonderful works!

Karen said...

I think going to only one teacher is fantastic if you know what you're looking for. I felt this way when I went to David's workshop, like he was all that I'd need, because of what you said about Richard, that he's a true teacher. Teaching us to find our own marks is the 'mark' of really great and confident teacher.
Now let me go examine my work. :)

Marian Fortunati said...

Hi Loriann,
I haven't dropped by in a while, but I am SO glad I did today.
This is a beautiful painting and your post is very very thoughtful and inspiring.
Be well...

loriann said...

Thanks Brian!

Karen, I could tell you felt the same way about David's workshop. True teachers are hard to come by. You definitely have your own mark.

So glad you dropped by let me go check out what you have be doing.:-)