Friday, July 31, 2009

Like Moths to Light

9x9 pastel on Uart
My last painting this year in La Conner. Goal: restrict and pre-select my palette. Paint with a sensitive, yet joyous hand. I felt completely saturated with the beauty of this slough in the early evening light. Longing.


Karen said...

I've so enjoyed reading through your posts about and looking at your images from the trip. And thanks for your thoughtful analysis of Richard's notan description.
I hope you're not suffering from too much let-down on the return side! :(
That can be difficult.

loriann said...

Hi Karen, Thanks for your caring words. I have found that it helps to stay and process the workshop, rather than going home right away. It helps the let down part since I separate gradually and process slowly without distraction.(without distraction is a big key for me) Richard's workshop actually ended on Friday, the 24th.I will be back!
How are things for you in Chicago?