Thursday, September 24, 2009

clouds and field

                                          cloud underpainting about 15x18
Clouds need movement and light. To provide a focus on movement I first created a watercolor grisaille which I sprayed with Spectra-fix. Next I added the yellow of the setting sun, being sure to soften the edges of the clouds. Since clouds are just vapor, edges are quiet with small value shifts. Color and temperature are very important.

Making the clouds to feel  like air is my struggle.


Bob Lafond said...

Loriann, These images are spectacular. You may not see the humor, but your statements about movement, light, and air suggest that you are creating a new world. Looks like it will ultimately be a wonderful place.

Double "D" said...

Showing off again I see.

Your Buddy

loriann said...

Oh dear Bob, I, absorbed in the struggle of the painting totally missed all that. In a way I guess I am trying to keep an old world. Thanks for your support.

You are too much Doug!!! Maybe tomorrow if I am brave enough I will post the struggle I am going through with the pastel portion of this. Yes, and I am looking for those Maine ones;-)

Anonymous said...

In a word: Powerful! Can't wait to see the pastel on this.

Karen said...

ooooo! Me too: can't wait to see how you develop these. Where did the clouds come from(I mean, I haven't seen them a while?)?