Sunday, September 6, 2009

Dawn Slowly Brightens the Empty Baseball Field

This is the first painting I did yesterday.  I began at daybreak with the set up and then when I did the watercolor wash I solidified my time of day/light.  The light in the sky feels good in this one, although my placement made the composition was a lot harder to manage.
Even though I did not place with yesterday's plein air painting, I still like it. :-)


Double "D" said...


It would be interesting to see what placed and what won. I can't believe "Shine Down on that Babe of Mine didn't win in a run away. It would also be interesting to hear what the judges had to say and who they were.
Obviously, I needed to be there.

Your still #1 in my book. I've judged a few plein air events and yours would have won everytime.
So there!

Your Buddy

Leah said...

Again,the light! The way you capture the light is ethereal. You must really be connecting with the source these days. ;)

Donna T said...

There's no reason not to like this one. You really captured that delicate morning light and the deep cool shadows. It 'places' just fine with me!

loriann said...

Thanks Leah! I hope to be connecting with something:-)

Thank you Donna! Maybe I will go back again and see what happens.

Brian McGurgan said...

I like the cool shadows and that rich sky here, Loriann. Meant to wish you all of the best for the paint out - it looks like you had a very productive time of it.

loriann said...

Thanks Brian! The sky turned out to be the best part. (thanks for noticing) I think I may have to paint it again to make the other parts sing with it. The actual paint-outs make me a little anxious to be on that pressure cooker... but it keeps me sharp;-)